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Andy Newell
Andy Newell


We are a cross-country ski training and consulting company helmed by professional Nordic skier and Olympian, Andy Newell.  We work with teams and individuals to suit their training and race preparation needs. 

Fully insured, US Ski and Snowboard Coaches certified, First Aid Certified, and SafeSport trained we work with anyone from Ski Clubs to National Teams. Training planning, strength, mental training, team building, Nordic Team Solutions will help you or your team stay current in your approach and execution. 
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For Teams And Individuals

Nordic Team Solutions will come to you.  Andy Newell offers onsite assistance with training camps and will provide onsite clinics and presentations. Remote consulting and Training Plan assistance for teams and individuals. 

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TRaining Planning & Execution

TRaining Planning & Execution

What to do and when to do it
Technique & vIDEo

Technique & vIDEo

Stable, Stacked, and Dynamic 


Fitness, Biomechanics, Power 


Lets Train Together 
Race PReparation & MENTAL TRAINING

Race PReparation & MENTAL TRAINING

From Peaking to Visualization 
Recovery & HRv

Recovery & HRv

Recovery, Sleep, Nutrition


From the Gym to the Snow
Team Building

Team Building

Team Cohesion Cultivates Success
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2013 and Older

September 17, 2018

Sep 17, 2018

CaRdiovascular DRift

What is Cardiovascular Drift? And how does it affect training?My goal for content I contribute to Nordic team solutions is to...

September 5, 2018

Sep 5, 2018

A look Inside Member Resources

See what to expect when you become a member. 

Testing August 30, 2018

Testing Aug 30, 2018

The Polarized Training Model

What are Ventilatory Thresholds? And how can I apply them to training?Establishing Training Thresholds – A key to success in competitive...

Camps and Clinics August 20, 2018

Camps and Clinics Aug 20, 2018

National U-16 Training Camp

What you get when you take 62 of the country’s best 14 and 15 year olds and get them all together...

Camps and Clinics June 30, 2018

Camps and Clinics Jun 30, 2018

New England REG

The town of Lake Placid in upstate NY is a cross-country skiers dream town. Site of the 1980 Olympics there is...

About NoRdic Team Solutions

"As A Student Of The Sport I Choose To Never Stop Learning"
- Andy Newell

OuR Team

Andy Newell
Andy Newell
Andy Newell is a 4x Olympian and 16 year member of the US Ski Team. His passion for ski training and racing has brought him to the start line of over 200 World Cup races and to several World Cup Podiums. Newell believes in being a student of the sport and continuing to learn the latest in training theory while keeping things simple, fun, and straight forward. Considered one of the best technical skiers in the World he enjoys teaching technique to skiers of all ages. Newell has an experienced background in ski training, race preparation, strength and conditioning for skiing, mental training, and team building. 

Tom Cuddy
Tom Cuddy
Tom Cuddy-
Exercise Physiologist Lone Peak Performance in Bozeman, Montana. Tom's research focuses on high altitude physiology and it's implications on health, disease, and human performance. Tom is an expert on high altitude training and biomechanics efficiency in endurance sports.  Tom offers lab testing, on-snow skiing tests, metabolic stress testing, biomechanics analysis  and functional movement screening at the new Lone Peak PT high performance lab in Bozeman, Montana. Tom is also a contributing editor of our Member Resources. To hire Tom Cuddy for his services Contact US

Tad Elliot
Tad Elliot

Tad Elliot - Birkie winner, National Champion, and US competitor at World Championships for skiing and mountain biking Tad now brings his knowledge to coaching. Tad, one of the best skaters in the World, can also write training plans and coaches with an emphasis towards good health. Having recovered from Epstein-Barr in 2016 to come back to winning shape Tad is familiar with the balance of health and fitness. Currently enrolled at NMU Sport Science Tad is our recovery specialist with experience in HRV, and FirstBeat analysis. Tad is also a contributing editor to our Member Resources. To Hire Tad Elliot for his services Contact US

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