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March 13, 2019
Nordic Team Solutions Andy Newell

by Andy Newell


This summer I am happy to announce a new training opportunity for college aged skiers!
Nordic Team Collegiate is an 8 week summer training program based in Bozeman, MT. 

Structured weekly training with peers, one on one coaching, and a professional group training atmosphere for men and women. 

  • Can provide an open line of communication with Collegiate coaches offering video feedback of their athletes each week, lactate testing, strength and conditioning, and testing if needed. Looking for focused, ambitious athletes who want to make the most of their summer training. High level Collegiate racers or European equivalent. 
  • Ideal off-season training in Bozeman with spring snow skiing, quality roller skiing, running, mountains, and opportunities for part-time summer jobs. 
  • End of summer training planning meetings to help athletes transition from Nordic Team Collegiate into their Fall school programs. 

Training block outline 
Arrive Bozeman MT anytime before June 2nd 
Week 1: June 3 – 9 medium
Week 2: June 10 – 16 Hard 
Week 3: June 17 – 23  Easy (In and out to NTG in PC)
Week 4: June 24 – 30 Medium
Week 5: July 1 – 7 Hard 
Week 6: July 8 – 14 Easy 
Week 7: July 15 – 21 Medium 
Week 8: July 22 – 28 Hard 
Example training week: (8 group session per week)
*subject to change with Time Trials and/or higher volume focus
Monday: OFF/ Weekly team briefing and team dinner   

Tuesday: AM Interval Training  
                 PM Strength

Wednesday: AM Distance, technique work  
                      PM OYO 

Thursday: AM Speed Training  
                   PM Distance

Friday: OYO Distance 

Saturday: AM Interval training 
                  PM Strength Training  

Sunday: AM Over Distance  

-      Athletes will receive team issue training gear and pro-deals on training equipment such as Marwe rollerskis 
-      Athletes are responsible for their own housing, but we will work together as a team to find the best housing options. Affordable rentals are easy to find in Bozeman during the summer. We will collaborate as a team to find the best housing and transportation options for the 8 weeks. 
Enrollment opens: March 1st, 2019
Enrollment closes: April 15th, 2019

Please contact me if you or anyone you coach is interested in applying! 

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