June 6, 2019
Andy Newell NTS

By Andy Newell

I'm excited to announce that we have officially started Nordic Team Collegiate training here in Bozeman, MT!

NTC is a summer training group made up of 13 athletes:
Emma Tarbath - MSU
Olivia Skillings - Bates
Sadie Peterson - Wisconsin BG
Erin Bianco - Colby
Marin Coletta - Colby
Anna Fake - MSU
Ezra Smith - CU

Conor Munns - UVM
Greg Burt - UVM
Foss Kerker - Colby
Elliot Ketchel - Bowdin
Nick Matelich - St. Scolastica
Andrew Meyer - UNH

My gaol in creating this program was to give college aged athletes an opportunity to come together and experience high level training during the summer months. Create a team atmosphere with athletes from all over the country who can help push each other, learn from one another, and have a blast training together for 8 week! In a lot of ways it's a 'training collaborative' I'm just here to serve as the head coach and organizer but will be training along side the athletes on a daily basis.

For the next 8 weeks we will have group training just about every day here in Bozeman. Look for regular updates on this blog as different members of the team will write in to keep everyone up to date on our training and adventures.

My motto with Nordic Team Solutionsis 'become a student of the sport'. It's my belief that in order to continually evolve in a sport like skiing we need to work together in a team atmosphere and connately learn from one another to refine our training and coaching techniques. I'm all about transparency in our training because I think access to quality training recourses is how we are going to improve as a country.

Check back here for updates from the NTC athletes. For coaches/ athletes and anyone else who would like an in-depth look at our training plans and philosophies become a member on Nordic Team Solutions and see exactly what the NTC group is up to!

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