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Recovery December 23, 2018

Recovery Dec 23, 2018


ILLIOTIBIAL BAND SYNDROME (ITBS), PART 2, REHABILITATION STRATEGIES*See Kurts full article inside Member Resources In part one of this topic posted December 10,2018,...

Recovery October 31, 2018

Recovery Oct 31, 2018

Is Flexibility ImpoRtant foR Skiing?

Is Flexibility Important in Cross Country Skiing?A few years ago I took a course on motion mapping with an instructor who...

Camps and Clinics October 19, 2018

Camps and Clinics Oct 19, 2018

OctobeR NEG

October training camp in Park City is a staple for the National Team and in recent years has become a great...

Recovery October 7, 2018

Recovery Oct 7, 2018

Intensity DistRibution of the PolaRized TRraining Method

Ever wonder what it’s like to train like an elite endurance athlete? In the following article I will review an important...

Recovery September 17, 2018

Recovery Sep 17, 2018

CaRdiovascular DRift

What is Cardiovascular Drift? And how does it affect training?My goal for content I contribute to Nordic team solutions is to...